Respironics Aerogen NIVO Nebulizer

Respironics Aerogen NIVO


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With the Respironics AF531 oro-nasal mask and Aerogen NIVO nebulizer system, clinicians can provide nebulizer treatments without disconnecting patient circuits and struggling with in-line nebulizer add-ons.

Efficient nebulization || Efficient drug delivery

Efficient nebulization for optimal medication delivery

The NIVO nebulizer provides a particle size of 3.4 um average mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD), the optimal particle size for inhalation therapy. The system uses the Aerogen OnQTM vibrating mesh technology and Pro-X controller.
Nebulizing elbows || Easy to use

Nebulizing elbows for easy aerosol delivery

The NIVO nebulizing elbows are designed specifically for noninvasive ventilation (NIV) and can remain attached when not in use or be easily removed between treatments. They support continuous NIV and medication delivery, in upright and reclining positions.
Transparent || Efficient drug delivery

Transparent for easy visualization

The nebulizer adds minimal dead space, offers a clear visualization of medication delivery and can easily be removed after aerosol treatment.
Standard nebulizing elbow || Easy to use

Standard nebulizing elbow for ventilator with safety system

The Philips Respironics standard nebulizing elbow with Aerogen NIVO nebulizer allows delivery of nebulizer treatments during NIV, eliminates the need to disconnect the circuit and delivers medication in upright or reclining position.
Entrainment nebulizing elbow || Easy to use

Entrainment nebulizing elbow with anti-asphyxia valve

For dedicated noninvasive ventilators, there is the entrainment elbow with Aerogen NIVO nebulizer and built-in anti-asphyxia valve.