BV Vectra Mobile C-arm

BV Vectra

Mobile C-arm

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Our BV Vectra mobile C-arm system is intuitive to operate. Its high quality images support you in providing excellent care. This compact system is dedicated to orthopedic surgical procedures, including trauma, spine, and pain management.


Génération de rayons X
Génération de rayons X
Tube à rayons X
  • Fixed Anode Tube
Nominal Focal Spot
  • 0.5/1.5 mm
Generator output
  • 2.3 kW, 40 kHz HF Generator
Anode Cooling Capacity
  • 50.9 kHU/min
  • 660 mm
  • 125° (-35° to +90°)
Source to Image distance
  • 980 mm
Imaging chain
Imaging chain
Image intensifier
  • 9" Triple mode HRC
TV Camera type
  • Progressive scan CCD, 1k²
Constant beam filtration
  • 0.1 mm Cu + 3 mm AI
Image processing
  • 16 bit with motion detection
Digital Exposure
  • 21 Ma
Mobile View Station
Mobile View Station
Image storage
  • 140000
Image portability
  • CD/DVD, USB, and DICOM
  • 19" dual LCD monitors