Whether performing an ablation, implanting a device, treating an aneurysm or racing against the clock to remove a clot, our Allura Xper systems help clinicians deliver fast, effective procedures with a more efficient clinical workflow.

Flat Detector Technology

Flat Detector Technology with 2k imaging resolution

The 2k Flat Detector captures information four times greater than conventional X-ray systems to support confident decision making. It delivers superb visualization of small details and objects during cardiac and vascular interventions.
Biplane design

Biplane design helps manage X-ray dose

The Allura Xper FD20/15 with unique biplane design is equipped with compact next generation detectors that easily handle complex projections. Image quality and X-ray dose reduction are further enhanced by dedicated image processing.
Custom user interface

Custom user interface for intuitive operation

A tailor-made customized user interface is available for each user group and for each desired application. Xper stands for "X-ray Personalized", and reflects the expert nature of the Allura Xper family, based on several generations of proven technology.
Allura 3D-CA

Allura 3D-CA for insight into tortuous vasculature

Philips Allura 3D Coronary Angiography (3D-CA) is a powerful interventional tool for coronary imaging. It may help prevent misinterpretations of lesions and bifurcations by minimizing foreshortened views of the coronary vessel tree.
Allura 3D-RA

Allura 3D-RA deepens understanding

Philips Allura 3D-RA generates extensive 3D visualization of pathologies from a single rotational angiography run in a few seconds. Used with the unique whole-body coverage of Philips Allura FD systems, it can cover any anatomy including cerebral, abdominal and peripheral areas. Additional features compensate for patient movement and provide high contrast resolution for all applications.

StentBoost to enhance stent visualization

Philips StentBoost is a simple, quick and cost-effective tool to enhance stent visualization in the coronary arteries. With the StentBoost Subtract feature, you can even see the stent in relation to the vessel wall as you are working.

XperCT for high-quality imaging in the lab

Philips introduces the next generation XperCT, which provides high-quality imaging in the interventional suite, even for challenging cases and difficult anatomies. A range of clinically fine-tuned XperCT protocols, with fast acquisition and reconstruction times, enables clinicians to assess soft tissue before, during or after an interventional procedure.
Rock stable gantry

Rock stable gantry for full flexibility

The Allura Xper FD20/15 features a rock stable gantry design with fast and easy tableside controlled operation. It offers full flexibility in applications by free positioning of the gantry, monitor suspension and operating modules.
BodyGuard patient protection

BodyGuard patient protection to avoid delays

Philips exclusive BodyGuard patient protection mechanism is designed to protect the patient from unexpected contact between the detector and the body. It enables the use of high rotation and angulation speeds, and may help prevent time-consuming delays.