Multiva Système d’imagerie par résonance magnétique

Multiva 1.5T

Système d’imagerie par résonance magnétique

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Get fast, right first time imaging for a wide range of routine and advanced applications with Philips Multiva 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Clinicians need less time to make a confident, accurate diagnosis, improving throughput and referral status.

Making high performance your standard || kba1

Making high performance your standard

Multiva benefits from Philips innovative and proven technologies, acclaimed for its speed, clinical competence, and reliability. It provides high performance levels that help you offer your patients efficient service and confident diagnoses.
Fast patient set-up, high throughput || kba1

Fast patient set-up, high throughput

Total spine studies can be performed without additional coil handling and head, body, musculoskeletal, and neurovascular studies with just a single lightweight anterior coil.
SmartAssist ease and efficiency || kba1

SmartAssist ease and efficiency

SmartAssist – the next generation of Philips powerful combination of SmartSelect, SmartExam, SmartLink, SmartLine and ExamCards – can halve the number of repetitive tasks for greater efficiency.
SENSE high speed imaging || kba1

SENSE high speed imaging

SENSE, Philips revolutionary parallel imaging technique, continues to lead the industry with high acceleration factors. With Multiva and SENSE, you can image up to 16 times faster than imaging without SENSE technology.
More than just routine exams || kba1

More than just routine exams

Multiva is a clinically-rich system covering a broad range of applications and methods, including Spectroscopy, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Fiber Tractography as well as advanced cardiac, breast and whole-body imaging.
Control your costs || kba1

Control your costs

Multiva features an compact, 1.57m short-bore Zero Boil Off magnet, with state of the art actively shielded magnet technology. The magnet is designed to deliver high homogeneity, providing excellent image quality and fat suppression over a large 53 cm field of view, essential for today’s demanding applications. The system reduce operational and siting costs thanks to its lightweight design, a small fringe field footprint and Zero Boil Off technology. Ensure economic value through reliable, cost effective, and expandable clinical performance. Compact siting (27 m²) ensures that Multiva easily fits into any department. PowerSave technology reduces power consumption and costs. Siting costs are low thanks to the lightweight design and small fringe field.
Personalized, patient-centric imaging || kba1

Personalized, patient-centric imaging

iPatient, patient-centric imaging offers fast and comfortable patient set-up designed to accelerate productivity. Personalized, automated imaging strategies and assistance adapt imaging to the patient in a consistent manner that supports standardized results, right-first-time. SoftTone reduces up to 86% of acoustic noise perceived by patients.


Magnet weight
  • 2900 kg
Open bore diameter
  • 60 cm
Maximum FOV
  • 53 cm
Ultra compact, Zero Boil off magnet
  • Oui
Galaxy gradients: Performance
Galaxy gradients: Performance
Max Amplitude**
  • 33 mT/m
  • 57 mT/m
  • 208 mT/m/ms mT/m
Max slew rate**
  • 120 mT/m/ms
RF receive
RF receive
Number of channels
  • 16
Channel bandwidth
  • 3 MHz par canal
  • Échantillonnage numérique direct (DDS, Direct Digital Sampling)
  • Toutes les antennes RF comportent des pré-amplificateurs intégrés et dédiés à faible bruit, pour un rapport signal/bruit optimal
Resolution parameters
Resolution parameters
Max scan matrix
  • 1024 (2048 en option)
Max. number of slices
  • 1024
RF transmit
RF transmit
Output power
  • 18 kW
Amplitude resolution
  • 16 bits
  • Optimisation rapide et automatique de la puissance et de la fréquence pour chaque patient
Patient environment: Patient aperture
Patient environment: Patient aperture
  • 60 cm
  • 60 cm
Patient aperture flare
  • 119 cm (horizontalement)
Wireless patient physiological synchronization
  • Oui
Various acoustic noise reduction solutions
  • Oui
Patient transport system (optional)
  • Chariot patient amovible (en option)
Weight capacity
  • 250 kg (550 pounds)
Patient support working height
  • 89 cm
Patient support minimum height
  • 52 cm
FlexStream workflow
FlexStream workflow
Total Spine studies***
  • Aucune manipulation d’antenne
Brain, NV, Body, MSK studies
  • Une antenne antérieure ultra-légère
Whole body exams***
  • Aucune manipulation d’antenne
SmartAssist Efficiency Assistance
SmartAssist Efficiency Assistance
  • Oui
SmartExam (optional)
  • Oui
SmartLine (package dependent)
  • Oui
SmartLink (package dependent)
  • Oui
Site planning: Power consumption
Site planning: Power consumption
  • 4,6 kW
  • 7,4 kW
  • 21,5 kW
  • 27 kW
Minimum floor space
  • 19,5 m2
  • *This product is not sold in the USA.
  • *Multiva 1.5T n’est pas en vente aux États-Unis
  • **Sur chaque axe. Écart de l’amplitude par rapport au champ d’acquisition complet de 53 cm égal à 8 %
  • ***Utilisation des antennes HST et/ou MSK Flex en option
  • ****Disponible depuis le quatrième trimestre 2013