Pro-Tech Sensors Sensors for sleep diagnostics

Pro-Tech Sensors

Sensors for sleep diagnostics

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Quality sensors that detect respiratory airflow, respiratory effort, snoring, periodic limb movements, and sleep position.

ezRIP, zRIP, and DuraBelt || KBA 1

ezRIP, zRIP, and DuraBelt

The zRIP DuraBelt family of sensor belts and modules are designed to be affordable, accurate, and easy to use. They are designed for complete patient coverage while providing true breathing movement tracings with no false paradoxing.
Pressure Transducer Airflow Sensors || KBA 1

Pressure Transducer Airflow Sensors

We offer two solutions using pressure transducer technology to monitor airflow and snore. Both devices generate precise signals, and produce an accurate flow-based snore channel.
Cannulas || KBA 1


Our Pro-Flow and Pro-Flow Plus cannulas are designed for pressure transducers and provide optimal performance and comfort. They have soft, narrow prongs for minimal nasal resistance.
Thermal Airflow Sensors || KBA 1

Thermal Airflow Sensors

We provide thermocouples and thermistors that are compatible with most major PSG systems. Our comfortable and easy-to-place sensors continue to be a leader in sleep testing facilities around the world.
Body Position Sensors || KBA 1

Body Position Sensors

We provide reliable and easy-to-place body position sensors that help facilitate the diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing.
Limb Movement Sensors || KBA 1

Limb Movement Sensors

Our limb movement sensors deliver accurate signals, ease-of-use, and patient comfort. They detect a patient's leg or arm movement during sleep studies.
Snore Microphone || KBA 1

Snore Microphone

The snore microphone is designed to provide a thin baseline and clear responsive signals.
Piezo Snore Sensor || KBA 1

Piezo Snore Sensor

Our snore sensor is one of the smallest snore sensors available. It is designed to effectively detect snoring vibrations and generate clear and reliable tracings. Utilizing a thin piezo crystal, the snore sensor provides an accurate, reproducible signal.
Piezo Respiratory Effort Sensors || KBA 1

Piezo Respiratory Effort Sensors

We offer a full line of piezo respiratory effort sensor solutions for trouble-free, clear tracings of respiratory effort. Our piezo respiratory effort solutions are available for pediatric small, pediatric, and adult patients.
Sensor Tester ST-3 || KBA 1

Sensor Tester ST-3

Sleep technicians can check and verify EEG electrodes and wires for continuity. Respiratory effort sensors, snore sensors, airflow sensors, and PLM sensors can be tested for output.