Event monitoring Clinical Decision Support

Event monitoring

Clinical Decision Support

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The Philips event monitoring connects up to four parameters from IntelliVue patient monitors.

Event monitoring || Event monitoring

Event monitoring

Electronic records to specific episodes in a patient, which can also be created manually or automatically for predefined clinical situations. Users define the constellation, which purports to be an event, and decide which parameters are to be recorded. In the event database, the physiological data with a time stamp, and name and bed of the patient are stored.
Neonatal Event Review || Event monitoring

Neonatal Event Review

The Neonatal Event Review detects and documents apnea , desaturation and bradycardia , and provides information on the diagnosis and management of neonatal intensive care patients.
Curb the flood of information || Event monitoring

Curb the flood of information

By detecting and documenting clinically significant patient events, the event monitoring to increase efficiency and helps support clinical decision-making. The event collection can be manually before and after a start PAWP measurement. The automatic recording of events, by a particular alarm, for example, Apnea, triggered, or when a particular vital parameters of the patient (eg, heart rate ) exceeds or falls below preset limits.
Curb the flood of information 2 || Event monitoring

Curb the flood of information 2

The on-screen at the patient monitor Smart button " Event Monitoring " allows : • Change of event triggers • Check stored events • Manually creating an event and current data
Event database || Event monitoring

Event database

In the event summary all the events of the database can be displayed or filtered by event groups. Events can be printed and added to the patient's needs.