Spirometry module Continuous respiratory mechanics measurement

Spirometry module

Continuous respiratory mechanics measurement

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The Spirometry module provides continuous real-time and trended measurements of lung mechanics on IntelliVue patient monitor displays. Continuous spirometry can increase patient safety through improved ventilation management, which, in turn, may reduce ventilator-associated complications and dependence. Continuous spirometry is also useful in detecting pulmonary disorders and monitoring effects of therapy.

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Comprehensive lung function information

The Spirometry module continuously measures airway flow and pressure on intubated adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. From these values, the module calculates volume, compliance, and resistance.
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Loops for clinical decision support

Pressure-volume (PV) loops and flow-volume (FV) loops are also available. The spirometry module can store up to 6 loops of each type. Compare loops to detect respiratory changes more easily.
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Numerous clinical applications for continuous spirometry

Continuous spirometry has numerous applications in the OR and ICU, including Monitoring respiratory status changes, Monitoring effects of therapy, Verifying proper intubation, and Helping to detect pulmonary disorders. Managing ventilator settings and weaning In the neonatal intensive care unit, optimal ventilator management can substantially improve patient outcomes and help to avert long-term complications of prematurity.
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Designed for ease of use and patient comfort

From the layout of the display to associated supplies, our implementation of spirometry is designed for ease of use and patient comfort and safety. • Thoughtfully designed sensors – A range of sizes for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients – Lightweight, disposable, and small, with minimal deadspace – Easy sensor-to-airway adapter connection – Clearly labeled attachments, and no clips or latches – Combined CO2/flow sensors for simultaneous capnography and spirometry • Automated and manual purge cycles. Use the purge button on the module to manually eliminate any excess moisture or secretions in the sensor
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The Spirometry module may be used with these Philips monitors with software revision D.0 and higher - IntelliVue MP40 and higher