IntelliSpace PACS Diagnostic reading solution

IntelliSpace PACS Cardiology

Diagnostic reading solution

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Enjoy easy access to DICOM-based multi-frame, review quality digital video files across your institution with IntelliSpace Cardiology Enterprise Viewer 1.1V6. Its thin-client design makes deployment simple.

Enterprise-wide viewing || Work smarter

Enterprise-wide viewing supports collaboration

The Philips IntelliSpace Cardiology Enterprise Viewer facilitates review of reference images and reports by attending physicians, referring cardiologists, general practitioners, and support staff. It promotes a collaborative environment and gives you access where and when you need it.
Advanced viewing || Extend your viewing capabiliti

Advanced viewing to fit your clinical workflow

The viewer displays information including, synchronized bi-plane catheterization runs and stress-induced echocardiography studies in cardiac-specific viewing protocols such as side-by-side and quad-view, respectively. It can be employed in support of clinical consults and other types of care team collaboration.
Secure access || Work smarter

Secure access to variety of clinical studies

Simply login via your secure network connection and connect with IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise 4.4 to view finalized cardiovascular studies of several different types: interventional X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, computed radiography, and RF.