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IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 is a comprehensive solution that expands your reach with rich, advanced clinical applications and elevates your experience through streamlined workflow. It supports image access virtually anywhere, anytime*.

Advanced clinical applications || Enhanced diagnostic confidence

Advanced clinical applications support diagnostic confidence

Leverage a growing portfolio of advanced clinical applications, including: oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, musculoskeletal, gastroenterology, digestive studies, and more. Enhance clinical efficiency through 3D viewing and advanced visualization** for volumetric image visualization and manipulation. View prior studies just as quickly as new ones and access the tools necessary for efficient interpretation and image comparison.
Extremely fast image delivery || Efficient workflow and collabo

Extremely fast image delivery

Virtually anywhere, anytime image delivery in just 3 seconds.
Workflow Layer 2.0 || Value-focused

Workflow Layer 2.0 enhances productivity and collaboration

Use IntelliSpace PACS Workflow Layer 2.0, an advanced workflow solution designed to enhance productivity and interdepartmental collaboration. Streamline the entire image and information management process with an easy-to-use interface, multiple viewing options, and sophisticated workflow tools designed to support confident clinical decisions and improved patient care. An online portal just for IntelliSpace PACS customers connects you with other users.
Fee-per-study budgeting || Comprehensive support

Fee-per-study budgeting for well-defined operating costs

With IntelliSpace PACS 4.4, there’s no need to invest in a complex infrastructure, and no capital expense. You can pay as you go on a fee-per-study basis and expand as you need. Service is included. The solution makes budgeting predictable and the total operating cost well-defined, which is particularly useful when you are replacing a legacy PACS. Our service-based delivery model transparently shows total cost of ownership and includes protection from hardware obsolescence and provides a measurable return on investment.
Optional consulting services || Comprehensive support

Optional consulting services help you improve performance

To help your radiology department improve performance and better comply with relevant standards and mandates, we offer optional Clinical Transformation consulting services. Experienced consultants analyze your current state, define the desired future state, and identify metrics and key performance indicators based on hospital and department objectives. A gap analysis provides the roadmap for change management and transformation that our consultants and your team work through together.
Streamlined image management || Comprehensive support

Streamlined image management to increase productivity

The entire PACS or image and information management process is streamlined with an easy-to-use interface, multiple viewing options, 2D/3D/4D software capabilities, volumetric data interpretation, a unified patient timeline, sophisticated workflow tools, virtually anywhere, anytime image delivery in just 3 seconds, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
Standards and support || Comprehensive support

Standards and support remove the barriers to collaboration

Federation, Vendor Neutral Archiving support, and open standards help remove the barriers to accessing and sharing images and reports from disparate PACS. Collaborative workflow is supported through easy-to-use presentation states, bookmarking, and movie generation. The Workflow Layer application helps manage communications, ED discrepancies, peer review, critical findings, and assignment and resident workflow. Registration of patient data allows easy interface with your HIS/EHR and RIS.
Detailed auditing tools || Comprehensive support

Detailed auditing tools help with compliance monitoring

Workflow tools provide reporting for quality assurance and study statistics for your performance reviews. Detailed auditing helps with your Joint Commission, ACR, and HIPAA compliance monitoring and reporting.
Service delivery model || Comprehensive support

Service delivery model provides integrated support

As proven radiology PACS solution, IntelliSpace PACS Enterprise helps IT departments make the most of existing technologies and infrastructure. Philips IntelliSpace PACS’ service delivery model provides comprehensive support for PACS and makes it easy to create, upgrade, and maintain an enterprise PACS system. With complete interoperability, you can make the most of existing technologies and infrastructure without adding costs. And, it’s a system with the rich clinical applications and workflow tools your clinicians require.
Complete service agreement || Comprehensive support

Complete service agreement gives you everything you need

The solution gives you everything required for the life of the agreement, including all software, server hardware, storage, proactive system monitoring, disaster recovery, technology refreshment (software and hardware), and implementation and support services. Enjoy unlimited workstation licenses, 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24x7 proactive monitoring and 24x7 LIVE tech support.
Application programming interface || Comprehensive support

Application programming interface for third-party apps

A flexible Application Programming Interface (API) helps you interface with third-party applications.