IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access Brings bedside to your side

IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access

Brings bedside to your side

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Philips IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access allows vital patient information to be transmitted from the IntelliVue Clinical Network to clinician personal digital assistants (PDAs) within the hospital. It’s a clear overview anywhere within the hospital 802.11 environment for better patient care.

Your PDA can show you even more || kba1

Your PDA can show you even more

Check on patient status from anywhere within the hospital. IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access frees clinicians to be wherever they need to be, while receiving updated information on patient status through their own PDAs.
Software-only solution || kba1

Software-only solution

A software-only solution, IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access loads on a PDA to display large numeric waveforms, active alarms, and parameters from the IntelliVue Information Center.
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More features

- Serves as a convenient secondary information source, connecting clinicians to near real-time information for multiple patients - Provides access to patient information anywhere within hospital wireless 802.11 environments - Allows clinicians to view information from any bedside monitor in a specified unit without visiting the central station - Displays up to 6 colorful waveforms for information at a glance - IntelliVue Mobile Patient Access displays physiological waveforms, parametric values, physiologic alarms, and technical alarms in near real-time.