Ingenia 3.0T CX MR-System

Ingenia 3.0T CX


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This system sets completely new standards - with first-class digital MR images in outstanding speed

High-Quality Images || kba1

High-Quality Images

Philips provides advanced solutions that are the result of collaboration with leading institutions . In conjunction with dStream they enable digital imaging with excellent image quality and thus offer an excellent clinical performance , ensure high patient comfort and increase the economic value added .
iPatient || kba1

Imaging, which is tailored to the patient

iPatient permits despite the individually very different conditions , diseases and needs of your patients a consistently high quality of analytical results
Fast and reliable || kba1

Fast and reliable

With dStream you get in a short time prime digital MR images with consistently high image quality and diagnostic value .
Advanced diagnostic solutions || kba1

Advanced diagnostic solutions

Whether routine tests or novel applications - the innovative tools and advanced diagnostic solutions Ingenia are based on the most important developments in the fields of neurology , oncology and cardiology and open up new diagnostic possibilities for magnetic resonance imaging .
IntelliSpace Portal || kba1

IntelliSpace Portal

IntelliSpace Portal provides user-friendly tools for clinical workflows and interdisciplinary cooperation , to assist you in your daily routine tasks .