Wireless Monitoring Solutions Wireless telemetry

Wireless Monitoring Solutions Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP)

Wireless telemetry

Philips IntelliVue Telemetry with short-range radio provides bedside access to telemetry data, aiding workflow at the point of care. It facilitates increased patient mobility by removing barriers to care.

Untethered telemetry access || Wireless

Untethered telemetry access to view data anytime, anywhere

Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to provide untethered in-room access to ECG/SpO2/NBP data in near-real time. Wirelessly connect the transceiver to the IntelliVue MP5, MP5T, MMS X2, or MP2 to view patient data and other parameters.
Short-range radio || Improves workflow

Short-range radio for increased patient mobility

WTAAP allows ubiquitous monitoring. Because it's wireless, patients have more freedom to get up and move without interrupting the monitoring.
Connects to IntelliVue patient monito... || Improves workflow

Connects to IntelliVue patient monitors for ease of use

WTAAP connects to the full line of IntelliVue patient monitors. It is available for IntelliVue MP2, MP5, MP5T, and MMS X2.


Kurzstreckenfunk und geringer Stromverbrauch
  • 802.15.4