IntelliBridge Medical device interfacing


Medical device interfacing

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IntelliBridge System is a plug-and-play solution that integrates data from Point-of-Care devices with Hospital Information Systems or Philips IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA). The system provides a consolidated view of patient data for use by caregivers in operating rooms or intensive care units.

Four components combine for easy data... || kba1

Four components combine for easy data integration

The IntelliBridge System is comprised of four components. The EC5 ID Module connect POC devices to the EC40/80 Hub, which provides connectivity to the hospital LAN. The SC50 Device Interfacing Engine collections patient data from the hubs, converts HL7 format and transmits to the HIS. The Management Console allows support staff to configure and troubleshoot the system.
Plug-and-play for ease of use || kba1

Plug-and-play for ease of use

IntelliBridge System EC 5 ID Module provides plug-and-play connectivity between a POC device and an IntelliBridge EC 40/80 Hub. The in-line module is equipped with a device-specific RS-232 connector that connects to the serial data output port on a supported patient care device.
Seamless connectivity, smooth data tr... || kba1

Seamless connectivity, smooth data transmission

The EC40/80 Hub can store up to 25 device drivers to facilitate plug-and-play connectivity of patient-care devices. The hub aggregates data from connected patient-care devices and transmits this data to the IntelliBridge SC50 device interfacing engine.
Data readily converted to HL7 format || kba1

Data readily converted to HL7 format

The IntelliBridge System’s SC50 device interfacting engine is a data aggregation and translation application that runs on a customer supplied host computer connected to the hospital LAN. It collects patient data from the connected E40/80 Hubs, converts this data to the widely accepted HL7 standard, and transmits the HL7 patient data to the HIS or ICCA
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Single management console enhances troubleshooting

IntelliBridge System Management Console application can be used by support personnel to configure and troubleshoot the entire IntelliBridge System. The Managmeent Console can be installed either on the SC50 host computer or on a remote conputer that has access to the hospital LAN for easy access.